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  • Herschel
  • 7 years ago

From Eritrea to Germany to Israel, Adiam and Mebrahtu’s dream Tel Aviv Wedding.

From Eritrea to Germany to Israel, Adiam and Mebrahtu’s dream Tel Aviv Wedding – what a journey! At the end of last year, my wife and I were invited by friends to their wedding. I was really looking forward to this wedding in Tel Aviv as it was the first time that I was going to experience all the customs of an Eritrean wedding, right here in Tel Aviv. Mebrahtu travelled all the way from Eritrea to Tel Aviv where in 2012, he met the beautiful and radiant Adiam, also from Eritrea, but who came to Tel Aviv via Germany where she did an internship with the ARDC. This was an experience of a lifetime for me, as I spend so much time with different wedding couples, but have never experienced a trully Eritrean wedding. So, I took my small canon 50mm f1.8 lense, attached it to my canon 6D and had the best time! Hopefully, the photos show the love, warmth, happiness and true Eritrean tradition that I was priveledged to witness. Adiam works with Kuchinate, an African Refugee Women’s Collective, and something that is close to our hearts as my wife is the chairperson of this amazing organisation that is doing so much good in Israel. The organisation is supported by the UNHCR Israel and you can also visit their facebook page here.  To see more about wedding photography in Israel or event photography in Israel visit my wedding photography page

Adiam fb-9563

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