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  • Herschel
  • 7 years ago

One wedding, many tents, an uber cool couple and a whole lotta love

One wedding, many tents, an uber cool couple and a whole lotta love at Kev and Andrea’s awesome wedding. There are not many couples out there who could have pulled this off. But Andrea and Kevin did it and did it with ease! Everyone knows how much there is to arrange around a wedding, add the fact the families are flying in from Uruguay, Australia and South Africa is enough to send any couple into a frenzy. Any couple that is, but Kev and Andrea.
After making the 2 hour drive from Tel Aviv to Sfat,  we pitched the tents and soaked up the atmosphere. It was a beautiful chuppah, followed by about 8 hours of dancing that included a special performance by friends from Uruguay. In the morning guests were popping out of their tents, popping out of their friends tents and popping out of their new friends tents. There was lots of love in the air in the forest in Sfat that night.
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