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  • Herschel
  • 6 years ago

Broll Wolkind Fried Family Shoot

A family morning spent with Herschel,we were 5 adults & 5 young boisterous children (some couldn’t make it that day), but we certainly had fun outside on the gorgeous lawn, trees for the kids to climb and all the while Herschel was snapping away, capturing the  natural, impish playfulness of the kids.The adults didn’t look too bad either, in fact they look relaxed & happy & some gorgeous moments were captured between the generations.

Herschel, you are a star, and I hope many more will enjoy your unique talents. Unobtrusive, a lovely manner with the little ones,and a huge thanks for the lovely pics. We are booking you for the Barmitzvah !

Ida Broll, December 2013

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