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  • Herschel
  • 7 years ago

Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress, Fearless Bridal, Frock the Rock, whatever it is, it is MAGNIFICENT! Whatever you want to call it, Trash the Dress, Fearless Bridal or Rock the Frock is a great concept. I am not too sure of the origins of this style of photography, but the trend is growing and it is alot of fun. On Saturday 12th January 2014, Susanna and Ezekiel, a Venezuelan couple, now living in Israel met up with me at Mikmohert beach, which is about a 40 minute drive north of Tel Aviv. A bottle of champagne later and all the stiffness and fear out of the system, we were ready to put Susanna’s magnificent wedding dress through the test.

The wedding dress survived the sand, the rocks and the sea water. It was a breathtaking experience – and all to try and capture the perfect shot. Susanna and Ezekiel are a beautiful couple full of South American flare. It was a privilege to share this with you .

Trash the dress is not limited to beach it can be done everywhere the idea is to have fun and get good pictures.

To see more about wedding photography in Israel or event photography in Israel visit my wedding photography page

Trash the Dress-757 Trash the Dress-9 Trash the Dress-381 Trash the Dress-647 Trash the Dress-36


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